Airfield Information for Oakley

Our airfield is located at Field Farm, Worminghall
Formally RAF Oakley

Lat:     51°47'05.0"N
Long:  1° 4'28.0"W

Elevation: 231 ft AMSL.

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PPR by Telephone, 07730 307844 - Tom Baxter

Visting aircraft welcome at Pilots own risk.

Please remember that the site is primarily a working farm and public footpaths exists along the length of both North/South & East/West Runways.

Airfield Plate

PDF download of Airfield Plate (CLICK HERE)

02/20 - Concrete - approximately 350m Marked (Offset from original runway centre line).

11/29 - Concrete - approximately 230m Marked (Centred on original runway).

Pylons on West of Airfield, 500M from RWY 11 Threshold



Microlight Circuit at 500 ft Above Aerodrome Level (AAL)

Oakley Traffic - using Microlight Frequency 129.825
If no answer, please make blind calls.

Aircraft parking on side of East/West runway towards the Electrical Pylons.

Remarks & Warnings
Oakley is a working Farm, with public right of ways down the centre of both WW2 Concrete runways.

RWY 02/20 - 350m marked is offset to the edge of the original 40 Metre wide runway.

Air Traffic
Benson Zone: 120.900

Oakley is located on the Northen Stub of Benson Zone. If you are transiting the MTAZ to reach Oakley it is advisable to radio Benson, low flying Military Helicopters may be in the area.

Benson Zone

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