The Club is organised and run by its members, it is non commercial organisation and has an elected committee. Members are required to abide by the club's "code of conduct".

A person wishing to join the club can live anywhere and does not necessarily need to be a pilot currently, many people have flown in the past and may want to see if the interest is still there!.

Some people may have recently looked up at the sky and seen a small Microlight flying over and thought, that looks like fun!, well we invite you to find out a little more!

Our member have an age range of 21 to 75 with both men and lady Pilots, husband and wife teams etc..

How to become a member?

Contact our Membership Secretary and he will invite you to a Club meeting, if you decide to join then a membership fee for the year is requested. Click here to Contact Us

For a membership application form, then Click here to review a PDF.

Membership Fees for 2014/2015:

The fee is £ 25.00 for standard Membeship from 1st of June each year. Members who hangar at the clubs airfield pay an additional £ 15.00 towards its up keep.