Who are we

The Bucks Microlight Club (BMC) is a well established Club with 40+ members and has been operating for the last 30 years. Club members are Pilots, who typically own their own aircraft and wish to share their enjoyment and experience of flying with others. All flying is for personal recreation and the Club does not provide any flight training. The Club welcomes new members and provides a friendly and supportive environment, for people wishing to pursue this exciting sport.

This Web Site

The purpose of this web site is to:

  • Provide visitors with information on Microlight flying
  • Provide Club contact details and membership information
  • Inform visitors we are not a Flight Training School
  • Inform visitors that membersip is not restricted to people who live in Buckinghanshire.

What Aircraft do we Fly

The club supports Microlights and Very Light Aircraft, Micolights are small but very capable aircraft that can operate from small airfields (200m Runway). Many of the members take their aircraft touring overseas; visiting France, Italy, Germany & Spain.

Flex-Wing Micorlight

Three-Axis Microlight

Where do we fly from

The Club Airfield is based at Oakley near Oxford, club members also keep their aircraft at private Farm strips and Licensed Airfields in the surrounding counties such as Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire

When do we meet

The Club meets once a month (First Tuesday of the month) and follows this agenda:-

  • Flying Reports - Discuss recent flights and destination
  • Safety Reports - Pilot & Aircraft safety bulletins are discussed
  • Future club events & Fly outs
  • Items "Wanted or For Sale"
  • Presentations/Lectures on Aviation
  • Opportunity to catch-up and chat about flying

Club Benefits & Resources

The membership has a wide range of skills and experience to support new comers to the club:-

  • Assistance with flight planning for UK and overseas flights
  • Members have built their own aircraft
  • Club BMAA inspector and check pilot, able to carry out permit inspections for most flex-wing and 3-axis microlights at a discounted rates to members
  • Experience of many types of Flex-wing and Three-Axis aircraft
  • Experience of Jabiru & Rotax Engines
  • Loan tools for specialist maintenance tasks
  • New pilots can fly with more experienced members to gain confidence and experience

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